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Our Story and Inspiration

Our story begins inside the city walls of the wonderful city Dubrovnik where memories are best created through simple and tasty dishes.

We assume many of you are Game of Thrones fans and can recognise the fascinating lanscape of Dubrovnik as the capital of the Seven Kingdoms - The Kings Landing.

We hope to build a relationship between fans and our wonderful city through traditional recipes filled with Game of Thrones characteristics.

Who are we

We are three sisters that share the same love for our grandma's traditional recipes. We hope to inspire others with our culture, habits and identity.

Game of Forks


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Peanut and Nut Free

All products in this edition do NOT contain peanuts or nuts as ingrediets.

Local cuisine

All recipes are traditional Dubrovnik recipes that have been passed down by generations.

Game of Thrones

All meals are inspired by Game of Thrones characteristics/elements. Read carefully and search for hints!